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Thanks for popping by! I am Chantelle, the founder of The Skin Collective and there are many different things that define me. I am curious, adventurous, sometimes apprehensive,  sarcastic, medium-medium high level cheery, anxious, laid back, caring, low-medium level gullible; if you were looking for some off the top describing words. 

Since 2008, in my professional life' I have been fully dedicated to mastering the art of Advanced Aesthetics. I can confidently say that I’ve had my hands in every aspect of my industry. I really don’t think there is something out there that I haven't certified myself in and/or tried. Through many trials + tribulations, mountain top triumphs and successful failed attempts; I've settled myself comfortably in the skincare sector! I am a trained and certified Medical Aesthetician whose been practicing more holistically for the last 9 years of my career. I see the need for both and incorporate my knowledge of both spectrums into my skincare practices. Through my eyes, there is no cookie cutter approach to treating the skin and that's why every time my little fingers touch a face, it’ll be just a bit different. I consider myself quite a mixologist in the treatment room, intuitively concocting new skincare combinations, cocktails and creations to really cater and personalize your experience; making the treatment you receive totally customized to you and whatever your skin tells me
it needs!

Coming for regular facials is fantastic but our home care is equally as important. I love the idea of creating a ritual around our at home skin care practices. Washing our own face can be such a mindful practice to look forward to! My hope is that I can leave you with a simplified, at home skincare routine to follow that you can use as your own personal ritual to
begin and end your day; streamlining your process to a place as simple or as complex as you can handle. A way to let the nervous system know that we’re either beginning or ending our day. To see a change in anything, it takes dedication and consistency and the same holds true for our skin care practices out of the treatment room.

With all that said; topical skin care is just a slice in the pie when it comes to the overall balance of healthy skin. How we feel and what's happening inside, directly reflects what presents itself and all that we physically see with our own eyes. I look at the body as a whole when trying to pinpoint ailments presenting themselves on the skin. Nutrition, digestion, lifestyle, hormones, etc. It’s all relevant and it’s a value of mine to look at the body as a whole when taking into account any ailment occurring in and around our entire being.


There are so many things that dance together to shape and create the experience that you receive when you are with me. Aside from the obvious portions of a treatment, I also incorporate energy work into all treatments. It’s not something that I choose to turn on or off, it just kinda flows and lands where it's needed. I create a quiet and safe space for my clients to come and just simply be with zero expectation for the duration of time we spend together!

Zoning out is always highly encouraged; you don’t need to entertain me! When we can both enter our own zones, eventually we meet up in the same zone somewhere along the lines and things get really magical from there.


I've curated a space and lineup of products that I cannot wait to share with you. I look forward to touching your face!


Holistic Skin Therapist, RYT, Reiki Practitioner

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